Frequently Asked Questions

What are Rebel Alchemy Candles made with? 

Rebel Alchemy Candles are made with soy wax. We use high quality fragrance and essential oils. We offer a variety of wick options, both wooden and cotton. 


How sustainable is Open Rebel?

We try to do our part for the environment and use as little plastic as we can. Our apothecary candle jars as well as blended candle jars are glass and the coconut bowls are treated coconut and can be reused. The bath salt blend jars are also glass and can be reused once the product is gone. 


I've had my candle for a while and noticed some crystalizing?

Since our candles are a natural soy product, it is normal for soy particles to form crystals as time goes by. This is called 'frosting' and is quite common with soy candles. It does not effect the effectiveness of the candle or mean that there's anything wrong with it.